A basic time travel tool
Practical and easy to use!
Once you put on the Ok Kimono, you arrive in present time-
In this very moment everything will always be OK-

A garment object embodying the quality of equanimity/ Ok-ness

It’s intresting how we use the word OK constantly in our daily lives.
Especially while interacting with technical devises.

What does it actually mean to give our OK?

The state of  ‘OK-ness’ seems to exist between the poles of  ‘positive / negative’ , ‘easy / difficult’
Its neither yes or no. Or maybe its both at the same time. When we give our OK, we agree / surrender/ commit to the present situation as it is- with all its given conditions. From there on I see things unfolding- unexpectedly alive, intense and calm at the same time.

I see a certain link to Meditation here.
No matter what the situation is, when I consciously connect myself to present time observing my breath just as it is in this very moment, a sense of equanimity/ balance arises and suddenly things start to flow-

The OK KIMONO was presented at Reflektor Gallery Berlin in April 2018 –
Led by an Audioguide the visitors where invited to wear the OK KIMONO and experience an intimate moment in present time.