I am starting to understand the Internet as a power/element comparable with water, wind, fire.
Its presence has a overwhelming effect on me.
Its like looking at the Ocean for the frist time: gigantic, powerful, intimidating.

But how can I learn to co-exist?
And how can it serve me as a tool?
Is it possible to use it in a conscious way in order to find a deeper level of connectedness?

Approaching the WIFI Fountain:
I want to get to know you, I honestly do.
What is your gesture, what is your essence?

Two types of Fountains. One digital, one physical.
Both strongly present, in an endless loop of movement/feed.

The Fountain Gestures are a contribution to the performance ‘Round Robin Reveries, Gathering For The Other Magic Fountain’
by Artist Ina Hagen as part of her Artist Residency with Bar Project, May 2017, Barcelona.